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International SOS in Chad: our Capabilities

If you need Emergency Assistance while you are in Chad, please call the Paris Assistance Centre on +33 (0)155 633 155

Based in N'Djamena, we are part of an extensive International SOS network across Africa. We are dedicated to providing expert personalised services for corporations in Chad. We serve companies in the region who want to look after the health and safety of their employees. These span a range of sectors including energy, international institutions, banks,  NGOs, but also individuals.

Our comprehensive range of services includes:

  • Emergency services and short-term hospitalisation
  • General medicine and specialised care
  • Ground ambulance (including tarmac access)
  • Occupational Health services (including OGUK)
  • First-aid training (AHA certified centre)
  • Medical supplies services (drugs, kits…)
  • Medical staffing

We also coordinate global medical and health services and security services for international assignees needing assistance and support outside Chad. Our 24-hour assistance centres promptly respond to calls from our clients for medical and security advice and assistance.

We provide remote site services to corporations including:

  • Emergency assistance services in remote areas
  • Full-scale health programme design and management
  • Site surveys and consultancy services
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Medical staffing and training (local and internationally sourced professionals)
  • Occupational Health programmes, health check-ups, vaccination programmes
  • First-aid kits and first-aid training

For full details of all our services, please call or email us.