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Assistance Centre China

International SOS in China: our Capabilities

For medical and security advice or assistance services in mainland China, please contact our Beijing Assistance Centre at +86 (0) 10 6462 9100.

International SOS' presence in mainland China dates back to 1988 when we established our first office in Beijing. Since then, we have expanded our operations to support our clients and their workforce all across the country. In Mainland China, we have offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and an Assistance Centre in Beijing. 

Supporting both multi-national organisations operating in China and Chinese enterprises operating globally, International SOS’ unparalleled worldwide capabilities and on-the-ground expertise are uniquely positioned to deliver world-class medical and security risk mitigation support to our diverse clientele. Our comprehensive suite of solutions enables our clients to deliver optimal health, security, and wellbeing programmes catering to their diverse global workforce. 

Through our actionable insights and unparalleled services, we support our clients in a wide range of industries such as energy, mining, EPC, clean energy, ICT, aviation, maritime, automobile, chemical, pharmaceutical, education, and financial services.

We support our clients’ diverse global workforce anytime, anywhere and strengthen their organisational resilience by advising their in-county people managers, employees working overseas and in home countries, site workers as well as assignees

For more information please call, email us or visit our Chinese website