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International SOS in Ghana: our Capabilities

If you need Emergency Assistance while you are in Ghana, please call the Paris Assistance Centre on +33 (0)155 633 155.

In 2006, at the request of one of its long-standing clients, International SOS established a presence in Ghana to support client field operations.  
Over the years, International SOS has expanded its operations across Ghana, and currently delivers the following services: 

  • Emergency assistance services in remote areas
  • Full-scale health programme design and management
  • Site surveys and consultancy services
  • Procurement of medical equipment and supplies
  • Medical staffing and training (local and internationally sourced professionals)
  • Occupational Health programmes, health check-ups, and vaccination programmes
  • Malaria programmes
  • First-aid kits and first-aid training for clients' staff 
  • Clinic TeleConsultation services

All the operations are managed out of our administration office located in Accra, which also serves as a hub for managing our activities across North West Africa region. 
International SOS Ghana has more than 70 employees including international and Ghanaian doctors, paramedics, nurses, pharmacists and numerous other medical and operational personnel.  
In September 2014, International SOS and West African Rescue Association (WARA) have joined forces for the benefit of clients, by entering into a partnership, creating a more comprehensive service offering the best of both organisations with significant benefits to our respective clients. This partnership reaffirms our joint commitment to the North West Africa Region, a growing investment destination for our multinational clients. 
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West African Rescue Association (WARA) operate 3 Clinics in Ghana. 
You will please find below Clinic addresses and contact details.
The WARA Primary health clinics are staffed with physicians trained in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Advanced Trauma Life Support, we ensure that Subscribers receive the levels of care that they are accustomed to. 
WARA clinics provide Primary health care, emergency medical care and Occupational Health services. Emergency services are available 24/7 with resident doctors in all bases and are supported by a fully equipped emergency room. 
WARA clinics provide high standards of medical care on an international standard but with strengths in tropical disease management required in this environment. 
Our medical facilities and services include:

Primary care: 

  • General and family practice consultations and treatment by a General Medical Practitioner 
  • Specialist Consultations and referrals 
  • Diagnostics services 
  • International-standard pharmacy 
  • Laboratory services 
  • Vaccination services 

Emergency care: 

  • 24 hour ambulance & emergency stabilisation
  • Standard medical and minor surgical procedures and treatment 

Occupational Health services: 

  • UKOA offshore medicals 
  • Customised pre-employment  and periodic medicals according to subscriber’s unique organisational requirements 
  • Visa / School medical screenings 


Other services: 

  • Malaria control programmes
  • Medical Stand byes / Public Health awareness presentations
  • First aid trainings and supply of first aid kits/AEDS
  • TeleConsultation services


WARA operates on an annual subscription basis in order to sustain services at an international standard to our subscribers and their employees. 
For a full scope of our services, please call or email us. 
Email : 

 +233 (0) 302 781 258 (WARA office line) 

+233 (0) 302 799 978 (Ghana office line)