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International SOS in India: our Capabilities

If you need Emergency Assistance while you are in India, please call our Mumbai Assistance Centre on +91 22 42838383 

International SOS started its operations in India in 1998. We employ over 200 full-time staff and operate out of three offices in Bangalore, New Delhi and Mumbai.

Our 24-hour Assistance Centre in Mumbai provide bilingual (English and Hindi) assistance to our members. In 2009, this Assistance Centre handled more than 150,000 calls, 38,000 cases and 100 medical transport cases. We have a comprehensive, credentialed nationwide network of medical and related service providers that gives us the ability to refer, admit and monitor patients on a cashless basis in all centres of medical excellence across the country.

Our in-house medical, security and operations specialists rank among the most well-trained and experienced professionals available in the country. They are activated during an emergency and are available to undertake specialised projects such as training, surveys, audits and event support. Our staff have extensive and hands-on experience in crisis management and have been mobilised to provide on-the-ground assistance during 9/11, SARS, Bird Flu, the 2004 tsunami, Mumbai 26/11, Swine Flu pandemic and many other crisis flashpoints around the world.

Mumbai also hosts our 24-hour Global Information Centre, a key hub that generates actionable security intelligence and analysis for corporate security and risk managers worldwide. This centre also produces the India Sentinel – a daily security incident round-up from across India with weekly forecasts and quarterly special issue reports.

We offer actionable insights and unparalleled services to suit the needs of organisations that wish to have a comprehensive medical and security risk management programme in place for their mobile employees, and those working at remote sites as well as at large, urban facilities.
Apart from our global 24/7 medical and security assistance for mobile workforce and international assignees, we offer medical and security consulting solutions, medical emergency preparedness solutions, on-site medical services, and Occupational Health services. Our client base in India consists of many Fortune 500 companies as well as leading Indian organisations across a range of industries.
We are members of CII, FICCI, NASSCOM and other important business councils and associate bodies, and participate actively in seminars, conferences and meetings. 

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