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International SOS in Iraq: our Capabilities

For Emergency Assistance in Iraq, please call our Dubai Assistance Centre on +971 4 601 8777. 

Since 2010 our emergency assistance services, own clinics, on-the-ground medical services and managed healthcare solutions, have been fully integrated into our global network to deliver international-standard solutions for organisations operating in Iraq. With 6 clinics, more than 60 remote medical facilities and over 21,000 medical cases a year managed on the ground we are intimately familiar with local environment and are well positioned to support businesses operating in the country.

International SOS operations in Iraq and Iraqi Kurdistan include:

  • 7 international-standard clinics: 5 in Al Basra Province including a dedicated full-scale Occupational Health clinic, 1 clinic in Erbil and 1 clinic in Baghdad 
  • 2 branch offices in Basra and Erbil
  • Over 60 remote site clinics
  • 2 branch offices in Basra and Erbil
  • 500+ local healthcare, medical and logistics partners
  • An air ambulance on standby in Dubai