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International SOS in Mexico: our Capabilities

 If you need Emergency Assistance while you are in Mexico, please call the Mexico Response Centre on +52 55 4166 2808.

With a base in Mexico City, we offer expert assistance services to corporations and their mobile workforce, international assignees and their dependants, and other employees. We assist Mexican companies with their plans for global expansion, helping them to mitigate risks and reduce liabilities, assuring business continuity and profitability wherever they decide to operate.

Our clients are able to benefit from an immediate connection to our worldwide capabilities, resources and infrastructure, including medical doctors, security professionals, logistics coordinators as well as over 103,000 accredited service providers including hospitals, physicians, ambulances and aviation resources. Clients have the peace of mind that their employees and family members will receive the best medical care available from experienced medical and security staff, through the support of the Mexico Response Centre, which includes 24/7 Spanish language capabilities. Amongst our corporate clients are a number of major energy, mining and large-scale construction companies, who look to us to for the provision of their health and medical assistance services, ensuring that they are able to meet their Duty of Care for their employees.
Our unique experience and expertise is used to provide medical and security solutions, including to both onshore and offshore projects:

  • Medical and security assistance
  • Medical staffing and procurement
  • Medical consulting
  • Site surveys
  • First-aid training and advanced care courses
  • Occupational Health services
  • Community health programmes
  • Malaria control and other prevention programmes