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International SOS in United Kingdom: our Capabilities

The International SOS London office is home to one of our two headquarters (the other being Singapore), and our flagship 24-hour Assistance Centre. Our dedicated staff serve clients of all sizes and across sectors, including but not limited to financial and business services, technology, pharmaceuticals, energy, mining and construction as well as NGOs, and governmental and public sector bodies. We help our clients proactively manage the safety and security of their mobile workforce and international assignees by providing expert advice, support and emergency assistance. We also provide medical support to multinational corporations operating in remote sites, assisting companies in meeting their Duty of Care requirements to their employees working in complex and challenging locations, including offshore sites.   

Our expertise includes: 

  • Routine and emergency medical and security advice and assistance
  • Digital risk mitigation services including Tracker and eLearning
  • Medical and security training, consulting and staffing services
  • Medical screening and Occupational Health services
  • Medical supply and distribution services

In 2017, International SOS formed a joint venture with Iqarus, a leading provider of intelligent and integrated healthcare for demanding and complex environments. 

International SOS and Iqarus work in partnership to offer offshore occupational healthcare support to Northern Seas clients in the oil and gas industry. The joint venture also build and create additional value and services to support supranationals, Governments, IGOs, militaries and NGOs operating in difficult and challenging environments.

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